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Kimora Lee Simmons free essay sample

Best friend (who also served as maid of honor at Kimoras wedding) is model/actress Tyra Banks. She has two daughters, Ming Lee Simmons (born January 21, 2000) and Aoki Lee Simmons (born in 2002). Both are models for Baby Phat Clothing. Ex-daughter-in-law of Daniel Simmons; ex-sister-in-law of Joseph Simmons and Daniel J. Simmons. Kimora is half African-American, one quarter Korean and one quarter Japanese. Father Vernon Whitlock Jr is African-American and mother Joanne Kyoko Perkins is half Korean, half Japanese. Is a client of nutritionist-to-the-stars, Oz Garcia. Cites Red Lobster Restaurants the favorite eatery of her childhood. Her mother, Kyoko Perkins, is a former Social Security Administrator. Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, other children called her Chinky giraffe because of her height and Asian ethnic ancestry. At fifteen, before she had her drivers license, she bought herself a secondhand BMW drop-top. She got into a car accident and had to have 40 stitches in her face. We will write a custom essay sample on Kimora Lee Simmons or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Daughter of Vernon Whitlock Jr. , who is black, and his wife, Joanne Perkins, who is half Korean, half Japanese. Russell Simmons, whom she later married, sent bouquets of flowers to her agency to woo her. The bouquets were so large and heavy that they required two men to move them. At thirteen, she had an exclusive contract modeling for Coco Chanel. She and Karl Lagerfelds three other fashion models Bernadette Jurkowski, Shoshanna Fitzgerald and Olga Sobolewska were dubbed the four Karlettes. Once Karl Lagerfeld had transformed her into one of the worlds top fashion models, he resented her attitude and called her a $5,000-tote-bag- wearing monster. She bought much of the artwork and furniture from Gianni Versaces estate after his murder. Although she is friends with model Devon Aoki and hired her for a Baby Phat ad campaign, she denies that her daughter Aoki is named after the model. Janice Dickinson wrote of a rivalry between herself and Kimora when they both were on Americas Next Top Model (2003) in her book, Everything about Me is Fake and Im Perfect. Dickinson admits that she criticized Kimoras fake hair and nails, but says that she would have been much nicer if Kimora had shown up on time for filming. She has an annual income of ? 9,400,000. Tyra Banks is the godmother of her daughter Ming Lee Attended Lutheran High School North in St. Louis, Missouri. Her fiance is Djimon Hounsou. Expecting her third child, and her first with Djimon Hounsou, due late 2009. Has a son, born May 30, 2009, with Djimon Hounsou. Kimora has 3 children. Where Are They Now (March 2002) Creative Director of Baby Phat Clothing (October 2007) Has her own Reality TV Show called Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane (2007) on The E! Channel and Style Network.

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Wellbeing And Autistic Spectrum Disorder Essay Example

Wellbeing And Autistic Spectrum Disorder Essay I work as the Health A ; Safeguarding Manager at a residential school for kids aged 5-19 with Learning Disabilities. Over 50 % of these have a diagnosing of Autistic Spectrum Disorder ( ASD ) . For the intent of this TMA I am traveling to concentrate on those of this group who have severe larning disablements and associated disputing behavior and are placed with us as a 38 hebdomad residential arrangement ; hence traveling place to household during school vacations. This amounts to 42 % ( 20 ) of the entire population I work with. ASD is defined as holding communicating jobs with address, facial looks, gestures, and organic structure linguistic communication ; jobs in societal interaction such as relationships, hapless societal accomplishments, deficiency of apprehension and empathy/insight, and inappropriate oculus contact ; and jobs with flexibleness of idea, being stiff and immune to alter, and showing obsessive and ritualistic behaviors. OASSIS describes ASD as compromises childhood, and has a ruinous consequence on mundane life.A It impairs effectual communicating with and understanding of others, societal ability and flexibleness, and sets apart those with ASD from their more normal equals ; it besides gives rise to high degrees of anxiousness ( World Wide Web. ) . How so to analyze the significance of wellbeing and show the publicity of this in a group of kids and immature people already at a disadvantage through how their diagnosing impacts on them daily. As wellness and well-being is an of import portion of my function I thought it peculiarly relevant to concentrate on this more complex group who can non pass on their demands and wants efficaciously. We will write a custom essay sample on Wellbeing And Autistic Spectrum Disorder specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Wellbeing And Autistic Spectrum Disorder specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Wellbeing And Autistic Spectrum Disorder specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer What is wellbeing? The Cambridge Dictionary Online defines wellbeing as the province of experiencing healthy and happy , which fits with my initial ideas on the significance of this. But, as discussed in Unit 5 of Block 2 the term is a wide one and based on a more holistic attack ( K346, Block 2, Unit 5, p.68 ) . Health plays a big portion in a individual s well-being, with wellness in itself being a wide topic. Health covers both physical and mental/psychological wellness. The BMA ( 2006 ) cited a scope of factors that can impact mental wellness, such as exercising, diet, speaking about feelings and larning new accomplishments, entree to originative activities, and the environment a individual lives in ( K346, Block 2, Unit 10, Activity 10.9, Child and Adolescent Mental Health: a Guide for Healthcare, p. 33 ) . This fits with the holistic accent of the term as it is based in the basic demands of mundane life. In my workplace we were, up until April 2011, inspected by OFSTED under the five results from Every Child Matters: Change for Children that the Department for Education and Skills ( 2003 ) stated were cardinal to wellness and well-being in childhood. These were, as listed in Unit 5 ( K346, Block 2, Unit 5, p.69 ) Bing healthy Staying safe Enjoying and accomplishing Making a positive part Achieving economic well-being Indeed, the personal attention files for our immature people were based on these results which placed wellbeing at the Centre of service bringing, and aimed to supply grounds that wellbeing was being monitored, addressed and promoted. We now know that ECM is defunct and it appears there will be more accent on safeguarding and cultural and diverseness demands from an inspectorate point of position. This is following the Munro Review into Child Protection ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) which is presently driving the policy in monitoring and farther developing societal attention services for kids and immature people. I feel this so demonstrates that the significance of wellbeing on paper in my workplace and company is led by the current policy driver and inspectorate outlooks. Indeed, attention staffs are being asked to get down looking at accommodating attention files to show grounds that the new cardinal results during review are covered within the certification available. This so appears to be policy led instead than led by the demands of the kids and immature people we care for. Bradshaw and Mayhew ( 2005 ) compartmentalise wellbeing into four groups. Physical wellbeing which includes diet, maltreatment, disregard, mortality, morbidity and accidents ; cognitive well-being related to education attainment ; behavioral well-being related to alcohol, drugs, baccy and offense ; and emotional well-being related to mental unwellness, self-esteem and felicity ( K346, Block 2, Unit 5, p.68 ) . I would reason this concept of wellbeing encompasses best the wide significance of such a subjective term, and though policy accent may alter, new constructs can be incorporated into at least one of the four groups. Before I look at the significance and publicity of wellbeing within my chosen group based on Bradshaw and Mayhew ( 2005 ) wellbeing groups, I besides need to see how well-being is measured for this group. Subjective tools such as a Quality of Life Tool as discussed in activity 5.6 and 5.7 ( K346, Block 2, Unit 5 ) rely to a great extent on kids and immature people holding the cognitive ability to be able to reply the simple inquiries. My chosen group map at a really low degree and utilize augmentative communicating AIDSs such as Picture Exchange Systems ( PECS ) merely to let them to hold a successful twenty-four hours without intensifying anxiousnesss. For this group of people their wellbeing depends on placing schemes to understate their anxiousness, this is a precedence. I would reason that a step of wellbeing for this group is based on the recording of what they have been able to entree and accomplish daily without presentations of disputing behavior. Though I concur with Action for Children s stance that kids s positions need to be listened to in estimating their positions on their ain well-being ( K346, Block 2, Unit 5, Activity 5.4 ) , the profound communicating troubles within this group make immense barriers to enable this. By interceding closely with the parents and other professionals involved in the attention of my identified group we are able to advance their personal well-being through the voices of those closest to them. This was felt to be of import in Annette Koshti-Richman s article Listening to parents and carers of kids with disablements which emphasised the demand for professionals to keep unfastened communicating channels with parents ( K346, Block 2, Unit 9, Activity 9.13 ) . My ain experience has shown me that parent s discovery, or are still happening coming to footings with their kid holding an ASD diagnosing really hard. As described in Unit 9 ( K346, Block 2, Unit 9, p.106 ) parents speak of a sense of loss-of the possible activities, accomplishments and escapades that the kid will non be able to hold .. By keeping communicating channels with parents, and recommending for the kids within the wellness services that can happen their ambitious behaviors hard to pull off ( a barrier to wellbeing ) , the well-being of both the kid and parent/s is promoted through family-centred attention. In unit 7 ( K346, Block 2, Unit 7 ) we looked at resiliency theory based on doing good despite inauspicious fortunes , which focuses on kids s strengths instead than exposures ( K346, Block 2, Unit 7, p.91 ) . Though the parents of my mark group do by and large hold high outlooks for them, the immature people s exposures are overpowering and bound development of resiliency. They have no penetration into how their behavior impacts on others, or if others behaviour is harmful to them. They have no job work outing or life- accomplishments and need motivating from a cardinal grownup at all clip to run into their basic day-to-day life demands. The accent is more around maintaining safe ; but in making so we are restricting their experiences based on their behavior presentation and unwittingly non advancing resiliency. For the parents resiliency is promoted. As this group pass the school-holidays at place the bulk of parents have support from paid carers which provides consistence and supports the parent s well-being. This provides modus operandi for the immature people so advancing their well-being. We can mensurate whether their degree of well-being is maintained through vacation periods by whether parents have to entree the exigency contact for support due to escalation in behavior, or return early to school on an exigency respite footing. To avoid this parents are encouraged to take portion in developing behaviour support programs which can go on over the vacation periods. Returning to Bradshaw and Mayhew ( 2005 ) wellbeing groups how is wellbeing promoted or challenged within my mark group? Physical well-being: in activity 6.11 we looked at the wellness of kids in attention ( K346, Block 2, Unit 6, Activity 6.11 ) . The article by Rodrigues ( 2003 ) indicated that kids in attention have higher physical and mental wellness demands and that local attention services do non run into these demands. Unmet needs encompassed alveolar consonant, GP, and optician. Through service degree understandings we guarantee wellness appraisals are completed six-monthly, our GP visits hebdomadally to help building-up a curative relationship with the immature people helping wellness monitoring and signposting to secondary attention services. Our tooth doctor is a specific larning disablements dentist pro-active in run intoing unwritten wellness demands. An optician visits yearly and is adept at function drama and accommodating trials to single tolerance degrees. I therefore feel we do non hold any unmet wellness demands in a group in attention with complex demands. Due to a profuseness of hazard appraisals and a civilization of continual dynamic hazard appraisals accidents are minor ; hurts tend to happen in staff due to aggressive behaviors. Diets are individualised and height and weight are closely monitored. Due to the stable and monitored environment the immature people are in, disregard and maltreatment is non in grounds. This may be more of a hazard during school vacations when parents have the force per unit areas of caring for the immature individual. Cognitive well-being: through being placed with us cognitive wellbeing has been identified as a concern and documented within statements of educational demands. Through statutory reappraisals this is monitored and governments are happy that they attend school daily. The educational attainment of my mark group is improbable to of all time be that above a three twelvemonth old. Through the Education Act 1996 ( ) for those aged 5-16 instruction is mandatory. Due to the low degree of operation of this group it is difficult to show how their cognitive well-being is being addressed via schoolroom activities. The school does integrate a life-skills attack concentrating on bettering self-care accomplishments which will be more good to them in maturity, therefore bettering long-run well-being. Behavioral well-being: within my group entree to drugs, intoxicant and baccy is limited. The immature people are neer entirely within the residential environment or in the community. Their behaviour presentation when dying and therefore disputing creates barriers to overall well-being and may take onto the demand for drug therapy ; when inauspicious side-effects develops this so impacts on well-being. Emotional well-being: in Activity 5.6 ( K346, Block 2, Unit 5 ) we looked at what is of import in stripling s quality of life ; relationships with equals was found to be really of import. Due to my groups really hapless societal accomplishments their relationships tend to be merely with the grownups caring for them. I can happen no research that demonstrates deficiency of equal support for this group is damaging to them, possibly as they lack the penetration to seek it out in the first topographic point. In activity 10.3 ( K346, Block 2, Unit 10 ) we examined psychological emphasis and anxiousness in immature people and how this impacts on wellbeing. Inability to develop accomplishments in deciding jobs and stressors was found to be damaging. My group live in a ageless anxiousness province and can non get by with the slightest alteration. Their emotional well-being is continually undermined through their status. By supplying an environment that is unagitated and familiar and fixing them for alteration we try to equilibrate this facet of well-being, though it is a changeless challenge. In activity 10.6 the nature of kid and adolescent mental wellness jobs ( K346, Block 2, Unit 10 ) the article discussed that those with terrible larning disablements have a high incidence of mental wellness jobs every bit good as their upset. We monitor mental wellness through our service degree understanding with CAMHS. The complex demands of this group mean they receive regular reappraisals. In decision the significance of wellbeing in this group is difficult to specify due to their associated jobs through their diagnosing. Though their well-being is promoted through robust wellness monitoring and run intoing their daily life demands, we can non supply any longer than that as they can non pass on their demands more to the full. They are to the full safeguarded to such an extent that their every move is monitored ; and for this group of immature people I feel this is necessary as to make any other would direct them gyrating as they are unable to get by with the normal challenges of mundane life, and that in itself would be barbarous.

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Ten Facts About the State of Missouri

Ten Facts About the State of Missouri Population: 5,988,927 (July 2010 estimate)Capital: Jefferson CityLand Area: 68,886 square miles (178,415 sq km)Bordering States: Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and IllinoisHighest Point: Taum Sauk Mountain at 1,772 feet (540 m)Lowest Point: St. Francis River at 230 feet (70 m) Missouri is one of the 50 states of the United States and it is located in the Midwestern portion of the country. Its capital is Jefferson City but its largest city is Kansas City. Other large cities include St. Louis and Springfield. Missouri is known for its mixture of large urban areas such as these as well as its rural areas and farming culture.The state has most recently been in the news however because of a large tornado that destroyed the town of Joplin and killed over 100 people on May 22, 2011. The tornado was classified as an EF-5 (the strongest rating on the Enhanced Fujita Scale) and it is considered the most deadly tornado to hit the U.S. since 1950.The following is a list of ten geographic facts to know about the state of Missouri: Missouri has a long history of human settlement and archaeological evidence shows people living in the area since before 1000 C.E. The first Europeans to arrive in the region were French colonists descended from French colonists in Canada. In 1735 they founded Ste. Genevieve, the first European settlement west of the Mississippi River. The town quickly grew into an agricultural center and trade developed between it and surrounding regions.By the 1800s the French began arriving in the region of present-day Missouri from New Orleans and in 1812 they founded St. Louis as a fur trading center. This allowed St. Louis to grow quickly and become a financial center for the region. In addition in 1803 Missouri was a part of the Louisiana Purchase and it subsequently became the Missouri Territory.By 1821 the territory had grown considerably as more and more settlers began to enter the region from the Upper South. Many of them brought slaves with them and settled along the Missouri River. In 18 21 the Missouri Compromise admitted the territory into the Union as a slave state with its capital at St. Charles. In 1826 the capital was moved to Jefferson City. In 1861, the Southern states seceded from the Union but Missouri voted to remain within it but as the Civil War progressed it became divided on opinions regarding slavery and whether it should remain in the Union. The state did stay in the Union however despite a secession ordinance and its being recognized by the Confederacy in October 1861. The Civil War officially ended in 1865 and throughout the rest of the 1800s and into the early 1900s Missouris population continued to grow. In 1900 the states population was 3,106,665.Today, Missouri has a population of 6.114 Million (2017 estimate) and its two largest metropolitan areas are St. Louis and Kansas City. The 2010 population density of the state was 87.1 people per square mile (33.62 per square Kilometer). The main demographic ancestry groups of Missouri are German, Irish, English, American (people who report their ancestry as Native American or African American) and French. English is spoken by the majority of Missourians.Missouri has a diversified economy with major industries in aerospace, transportation equipment, foods, chemicals, printing, the manufacture of electrical equipment and beer production. In addition, agriculture still plays a large role in the states economy with major production of beef, soybeans, pork, dairy products, hay, corn, poultry, sorghum, cot ton, rice and eggs. Missouri is located in the mid-western United States and it shares borders with eight different states (  map). This is unique because no other U.S. state borders more than eight states.The topography of Missouri is varied. The northern parts have low rolling hills that are remnants of the  last glaciation, while there are many river bluffs along the major rivers of the state - the Mississippi, Missouri and Meramec Rivers. Southern Missouri is mostly mountainous due to the Ozark Plateau, while the southeastern part of the state is low and flat because it is part of the Mississippi Rivers alluvial plain. The highest point in Missouri is Taum Sauk Mountain at 1,772 feet (540 m), while the lowest is the St. Francis River at 230 feet (70 m).The  climate of Missouri is humid continental and as such it has cold winters and hot, humid summers. Its largest city, Kansas City, has a January average low temperature of 23ËšF (-5ËšC) and a July average high of 90.5ËšF (32.5ËšC). Uns table weather and tornadoes are common in Missouri in the spring. In 2010 the U.S. Census found that Missouri was home to the  mean population center of the U.S. near the town of Plato. To learn more about Missouri, visit the states official (n.d.). Missouri: History, Geography, Population, and State Facts - Retrieved from: (28 May 2011). Missouri- Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved from:

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3 Types of Quotation Errors

3 Types of Quotation Errors 3 Types of Quotation Errors 3 Types of Quotation Errors By Mark Nichol In the following sentences, something about the treatment of a quotation interferes with comprehension. Discussion of the error, and a revision of the sentence, follows each example. 1. â€Å"We are seeing our efforts having some effect on their financial flows. And it’s difficult to get a handle on just how much because of the different illicit ways in which they are handling their finances, but you’ve seen the efforts that our military has taken to take out cash-storage sites, and I think it is our hope and expectation that that will have demonstrable effects. On what order of magnitude, I think it’s difficult to say,† said Lisa Monaco, President Barack Obama’s counterterrorism adviser. It is not until the end of this seventy-seven-word statement that we learn who said it. Attribution of a speaker or writer should occur much sooner, preferably at the end of the first of two or more sentences, or even interrupting two independent clauses within the first sentence: â€Å"We are seeing our efforts having some effect on their financial flows,† said Lisa Monaco, President Barack Obama’s counterterrorism adviser. â€Å"And it’s difficult . . . .† 2. At times, I would succumb to a, â€Å"I’m not sure they’re going to make it† mind-set. When a quotation that represents a categorical statement follows the article a/an or the, no punctuation should precede the quotation: â€Å"At times, I would succumb to a ‘I’m not sure they’re going to make it’ mind-set.† (The phrase can also be written without quotation marks but linked by hyphens: â€Å"At times, I would succumb to a I’m-not-sure-they’re-going-to-make-it mind-set.† However, because that extended phrasal adjective could conceivably be spoken, and it is cumbersome as a hyphenated phrase, the format treating it as a quotation is preferable.) 3. She rallied the crowd by crying â€Å"shame on you, John.† The verb that precedes this quotation should be followed by a comma, and the first word should be capitalized. Also, a cry is a loudly delivered statement, so an exclamation point is appropriate: â€Å"She rallied the crowd by crying, ‘Shame on you, John!’† Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Punctuation category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:12 Types of LanguageWhat is Dative Case?35 Synonyms for Rain and Snow

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MKTG 4050 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 4

MKTG 4050 - Essay Example ing of Research and Development for Dell’s offerings keeps development cost while still ensuring innovation and high technologically advanced product offering. There are also various products to choose from Dell because of its product expansion strategy that can compete with other leading brands such as HP and IBM. Furthermore, the fast delivery of service and after sales service can be done through online with Dell. The value proposition for Dell is effective for a certain market segment that is after of the idea of both quality and product cost. Dell’s strategy is a low-cost strategy and a portion of focus differentiation considering that it tries to create big consideration on Research and Development for both product and cost. Dell essentially believes that it cannot totally pass on the production cost to its customers so the best way to do is to create better management on its Supply Chain Management system. What Dell tries to emphasize is that a low-cost product offering may not necessarily mean low quality at all, but at some point, there has to be something given up or adjusted in the entire supply chain management system. Dell could not compromise quality and cost together so the best way it does is to outsource its Research and Development. In the end, what makes Dell a personal choice of brand is its ability to maintain affordability without compromising the quality of its product

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Systemic Risk and SIFI and Global Economic Crisis Essay

Systemic Risk and SIFI and Global Economic Crisis - Essay Example However, between 1940s and 1980s, there were less bank runs in USA, mainly due to tight legal framework and due to the transformed atmosphere. However, the banking tighter regulation in U.S.A not proved to be satisfactory as more than 250 banks filed insolvency petitions between 1980s and 1990s. In 1990s, Asian countries witnessed an economic turmoil as a result many banks in those regions failed. The issue started with individual bank and slowly enveloped into the whole banking system of a nation and finally impacted the creditworthiness of such nation itself. Likewise, the subprime mortgage crisis occurred in the 2007 -2008 started with U.S financial institutions and U.S banks and finally impacted many financial institutions around the world. However, bank failures or bank runs are not occurring in all the nations. For instance, there is no bank failure at all in Ireland and in Switzerland. Rochet (2008) is of the view that interferences by politicians can play a significant role i n bank runs. Many frequent bank failures and bank runs urged the need to recognise and deter financial agonies in the future well before they commence. Hence, there is a necessity to establish a well-structured supervision system in the financial sector, and it should be given authority to identify â€Å"systemic risks.† Bini Smaghi (2009) is the first to emphasise the theoretical issues of systemic risk, and the agency established for the same is to be well versed in detection of risks, evaluation of risk, and finally giving warnings about risks. (Eijffinger 2009:44). This research will make an earnest effort to elucidate w what is meant by ‘systemic risk’ and discuss the relevance of ‘systemically important financial institutions’ for policymakers and the ways and means to avoid future bank and financial institution failures. â€Å"What is Systemic Risk?† Systemic risk is a peril that is widespread in a nation or the economy as a whole and cannot be avoid ed by coalescing the assets in well-diversified and large portfolios, and it is also called as non-diversifiable risk. Systemic risk starts off in various sizes, shapes and magnitude. In some countries, systemic risk has occurred due to foreign exchange risks and economic shocks and in some other nations, it has occurred due to internal or external war or due to political instability. In between 1992 to 2002, there were about eight regional / global economic crisis happened in Europe, Asia and U.S.A. In case of banks, the systemic risk area includes forex risk and interest rate risks. The low-quality credit assets will first collapse when the systemic risks deteriorate. A portfolio approach is the need of the hour to recognise such unique and susceptible sectors and credit asset allocations, which may witness a negative effect in various economic conditions. Hence, it is essential to structure the portfolio to be fine-tuned methodologically so that the rigorousness of varying macro- economic crisis is minimised. It is to be noted that systemic risk differs from industry to industry. (Joseph 2007:242). As per G10, a systemic risk is one where an incident will activate a deprivation of confidence or diminution of economic value and may result in vagueness that would compel the major segment of the financial system to destabilize due to negative impact on the real economy. Thus, a systemic risk will have four significant ingredients namely erosion of faith, a sudden spurt of vagueness, major segment of the financial system that might be impacted and poignant negative impact on the real economy.†(Eijffinger 2010 :44).†

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Manipulation techniques Essay Example for Free

Manipulation techniques Essay Richard is generally a callous person who shows no remorse to anyone or any action. He is duplicitous, manipulative, deceiving. He counter argues, compliments, quickly responds and twists peoples words.  Towards women, he is a different man. He is a very good actor and uses this as an advantage. He normally showers them with compliments and manipulates them.  In act 1 scene 2, Richard is put to the test of making Anne agree to marry him. This would prove difficult, as Richard has killed Annes husband and father-in-law. He compliments her in this scene so much, to pacify her. At this stage, Anne is angry and will not listen to him. For Richard to actually persuade her to marry him would be quite difficult. This is where his manipulation techniques come in. Nay, do not pause: for I did kill King Henry-but twas thy beauty that provokes me. Nay, now dispatch twas I that stabbed young Edward but twas thy heavenly face that set me on. This speech from Richard puts Anne in a very difficult position. She ha a sword in her hand, and he is in a vulnerable position. Anne knows he is a murderer and will feel petrified. This is how he manipulates her, Throughout the scene, there is a certain stichomythia. Where Anne makes fun of Richard and then Richard instantly responds about her beauty. He does not hesitate. Would it were mortal poison, for thy snake!, Never came poison from so sweet a place. He is responding very quickly and does not give up.  Richard says he killed her husband because of her beauty: Your beauty was the cause of this defect. He is saying she is so beautiful that he had to kill her husband so she could be free to marry him. He is trying to make out that she is responsible for her husbands death because he wants to make her feel guilty if she feel guilty, she will be even more vulnerable. He also uses very romantic language your beauty that did haunt me in my sleep. He knows women like to be called beautiful and telling her he killed because of her beauty emphasises how beautiful he finds her. Despite Annes initial hostility, Richards persuasive skills win her over. He is so effective that he makes Anne think Richard has become penitent who is honest and show remorse.  In act 4 scene 4, Richard talks to Elizabeth in a different tone in contrast to Anne. He doesnt shower her with compliments but he gives her ideas of thoughts that could be achieved if she agrees to make her daughter marry him.  Richard acts very innocent towards Elizabeth as if he has done nothing wrong. You speak as if that I had slain my cousins. He is trying to make Elizabeth think that Richard is calm, gentle and caring instead of malicious and cruel. Richard talks to Elizabeth a lot about advantages for Richard marrying her daughter: I do intend to make her queen of England. This would mean Elizabeth would be the queens mother.But mine shall be a comfort to your age. This means they will have children and she will be a grandmother and have a family again.  When Elizabeth sarcastically goes over all the ways he has hurt her family, Richard says, You mock me, madam. This is not the way to win your daughter. Richard answers simply and directly because he does not know what else to say. Faced with Elizabeths bitter sarcasm Richard is no longer being clever, witty and cynical. For the first time, he has met someone who can be more sarcastic than him and he doesnt know how to answer her. She is not frightened of him, so he cannot threaten her and, in any case, he needs her help to marry her daughter. He realises he cant get anywhere with her by being so clever, so he decides to persuade her by talking about what she will get out of allowing him to marry her daughter: wealth, status, grandchildren, he son allowed to return from exile. For the first time in the play, he has to treat someone as an equal.  Richards treatment of Anne in the first extract is different to the treatment of Elizabeth in the second in several ways: He showers Anne with compliments; he talks to Elizabeth about advantages of her daughter marring him; his conversation to Anne is a lot faster and rapid than the one to Elizabeth.