Saturday, July 27, 2019

Pizza Veloce Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Pizza Veloce - Term Paper Example To provide convenient solutions for ordering and getting different pizzas Products and Services: The main products that will be offered by Pizza Veloce will be the wide variety of pizzas, most which will be based on genuine, Italian recipes that have been used for several centuries. The products will also include side items and other smaller Italian dishes, as well as desserts and drinks that can be served with the foods. The services that will be available by Pizza Veloce will be inclusive of the ways in which the pizza and other food items can be delivered to the home. The first consists of services available online for easy connections and ordering. The second is based on delivery services that are available for those who don’t want to leave their home and are interested in ordering. The third will be in – house services so individuals have the option of a restaurant like atmosphere. Each of these services will be supported by technological structures for fast delive ry and a structure that enhances the making of the pizzas. Organizational Structure: The first part of the structure will be based on different departments and employees that will be able to provide the pizza making services. The first will be a team of employees for making the pizzas. The second will be a team used for the deliveries. There will also be customer service representatives that will be available for the online services and others that will provide in – store services. There will be one manager that overlook all operations at all times, specifically to make sure that there are connections with all deliveries and that workers are effective with the work. The organizational structure will then move into a CEO responsible for overlooking the main components of the operations, a vice president responsible for initiating new developments and a team that overlooks the expansion of the Pizza Veloce. This will consist of an online and offline marketing manager, human resources manager, technology manager and a liaison which will work between the office team and those who are working at the pizza company. Each of the organizational structure components will also consist of supporting technology, specifically which will change the number of employees as well as the needs which are associated with the restaurant. Expected Revenue The expected revenue that comes with the pizza is based on the amount of demand which can grow from the customer expectations. On average, a small pizzeria can expect to make $10,500 to $18,500 per week, if there is continuous demand. However, there are factors to consider with the costs of the pizzeria. For example, the cost of rent is about $8,000 per month. The cost for employees is also an average of $1200 per person per month, with an expected 5 workers per week, which equals $ per month for payment. The technology used as well as the structure is also expected to cost an average of $10,000 to install and $30,000 for yearly maintenance. The profit per year will then be at an average of $180,000 with the expenses averaging $208,000. For the pizzeria to break even, there will need to be three restaurants which open initially, which will increase the profit to $540,000 while maintaining the loss at $544,000. After the second year, the revenue will begin to gain, first by $10,000 because of the installed technology and with the expected increase in profit. There will also be options to expand the chain to continue to gain the profit after

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