Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The different forms of energy that are in use in the United Kingdom Essay

The different forms of energy that are in use in the United Kingdom - Essay Example This essay discusses that like the other developed nations, various forms of energy are in use in the UK. The country is one among the countries endowed plenty of energy resources in Europe. The country has plenty of supply of energy resources like oil, gas, and coal. Other forms of energy like solar energy, hydro-electricity, wind energy, and bio-fuels are also in use in the UK. The country is highly industrialized and the expert and resources that are necessary in tapping and utilizing these energy sources are available. Nonetheless, due to the environmental impacts of coal and the petroleum products, the use of these products may be jeopardized as the government develops policies that encourage the use of renewable energy forms like biomass that are friendly to the environment. The reduced government support and the environmental policies may be the reason behind the reduced production and use of coal in the country. The country is also a producer of nuclear energy, even though it s production may be declining. The use of energy in the UK is also high with a substantial proportion of the consumer expenditure going for energy consumption. For instance, a total of â‚ ¤60.68bn was spent on energy and energy products in the UK in1999 with â‚ ¤28.63bn being derived from domestic use. The report, thus, provides detailed findings from the primary data collection and gives proper recommendations for market researchers and investors who would be interested in exploring the patterns in the UK energy market... uld be interested in exploring the patterns in the UK energy market The purpose of this MI report is to enable companies in the energy market make accurate decisions through identification of the market opportunities, the appropriate market penetration strategies, and the right market and marketing strategies. It aims at identifying the forms of energy that are in reduced production in the UK market but is currently receiving increasing demand. The research concentrated on energy for domestic and not industrial consumption. The information is particularly helpful to foreign companies that would wish to have establishment in the UK in the energy sector. By focusing on the different categories of energy producing technologies like the solar energy, geothermal/hydroelectricity, natural gas, oil and coal, the report becomes helpful to the managers in determining an environment-friendly energy investment that can survive not only in the UK but also in the global energy market. The marketi ng managers for the companies can use the information in this report to analyze the market trends and identify the key performance indicators. 2. Procedure In order to obtain the correct insight into the energy market in the UK and the appropriate marketing strategies that can be applied by a company that is willing to establish itself in the country, the researcher relied on both primary and secondary sources. The researcher also used both quantitative and qualitative data in describing the market patterns in this particular market. The author sought information on the energy forms that are used in the UK with a focus on those with declining need and those with increasing need. There was also a need to examine some of the factors that could have led to the changing patterns that are

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