Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Equal Protection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Equal Protection - Essay Example In regard to this clause, the amendment acknowledges that all people get created equal and should be treated as such. The clause further acknowledges the three fundamental aspects of human beings as life, emancipation and search for happiness (Lee, 2003). It is worth seeking the background of equal protection in the US. The idea started back in 1766 when Thomas Jefferson and the American colonists declared the hidden truth about human equality. However, the meaning of this concept was never clearly understood by people at that time. Slavery got incorporated in all systems of the United States including its economy, political and community relationships. A constitution got drafted in the US that allowed slave masters to involve in the slave trade with black slaves getting regarded as personal property owned by slave masters (Peoples & Bailey, 2012). The fourteenth amendment of the US constitution provided the most fundamental civic rights in the history of the US in regard to equal pr otection by the law. Section I of the amendment states that all individuals born or who got naturalized in the United States are citizens of the country. The amendment further acknowledges that none of these citizens should be deprived of any rights provided in the amendment in respect to equal protection (Lee, 2003). ... It, however, remained the center of civil rights movements during and after the Second World War. Black people in the US could enjoy their civic rights as it was the case with any other citizen. The law provided affirmative action that sought to promote equal treatment and concern for all races in the country (Lee, 2003). The equal protection clause came during a period referred to as the Reconstruction era in the US. During this period the South came under military occupation from the North. This resulted in black Americans realizing some short term benefits as a result of the situation (Peoples & Bailey, 2012). Black people could be elected to office in state governments as well as the federal government. Among some of the most famous accomplishments of the black people was one African American who managed to get a seat on the South Carolina Supreme Court. Race-Based Classifications Traditionally, race and nationality were the only classifications that could be made of people. Alth ough, with time other approaches got adopted, classifications based on race have remained prevalent in America. In 1977, the Office of Budget Management issued the race and ethnic standards that were to be used for federal statistics and administrative reporting. Prior to issuing these standards, OMB sought public opinion on the standards and their efficiency in reflecting the national outlook and expectations of the people of United States. Since 1960’s the federal government has collected statistics on race and ethnicity during its census. This data has proved vital in addressing civic issues such as employment, voting rights, housing and mortgage lending, as well as healthcare services. However, this data has not always served its purpose efficiently. In recent times,

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