Monday, September 9, 2019

Ethics Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 10

Ethics - Assignment Example The management has developed workplace policy that is based on the organizational philosophy, code of conduct, and mission statement. This policy is then incorporated into the organization’s performance management program in order to hold workers accountable for all their actions and warn them to adhere to the set professional standards when interacting with their colleagues and supervisors and when undertaking their duties. The management ensures that all employees sign an acknowledgement form indicating that they have read and understood the company’s ethics policy. This is to ensure that every worker fully understands the set ethical standards that should be adhered within the organization and failure to do this, the management takes appropriate actions upon the involved worker (Appelbaum, Deguire & Lay, 2005). Secondly, the organization evaluates all employees on ethical behavior in order to prevent expansion of unethical behaviors in the workplace which can negatively affect the firm’s production. Personal interviews is one of useful tools that the management uses to assess employees’ attributes such as ability to socialize with others, problem solving skills, communication skills, and characters. The management also evaluates demonstrated work ethics of employees against a checklist. It makes use of an employee performance assessment that has section like â€Å"Attendance, Dependability and Availability,† â€Å"Judgment,† and â€Å"Integrity†. This makes it easier for the management to measure and evaluate various concepts such as employee’s integrity. Work productivity and attendance are highly monitored. Working upon set hours and showing up shows that an employee has ethical behavior and integrity (Peterson, 2002). Employees who comes to work late and leaves early are termed as lacking ethics. Before taking final action, the management first meets with employees with

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