Monday, February 3, 2020

IMC Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

IMC - Essay Example It is not easy to market an intangible place because of the conflicting interests that come as a result of it having many stakeholders. However, one marketing approach that has been highlighted in the article is the use of brochures which create favorable images of places. Marketing approaches like media advertising and public relations can also be utilized especially if the target is to maximize the impact of communication (Skinner, 2005). Marketing approaches that are often used for tangible products include sales promotions, general media advertising, and public relations. These approaches aim at making the target consumers aware of the products being produced by a particular company. Some of these approaches are the same as those being utilized in marketing intangible places. The aim of marketing tangible products and intangible places is also the same. In the case of tangible products, the aim of marketing is to attract customers to want the products while in the case of intangible places the aim of marketing is to make a place in order for it to be a traveler’s choice. When looking at services businesses, it is crucial to understand that they are different from businesses that produce physical goods. When marketing, these businesses need to focus on the people who will benefit from the services, the physical evidence that can show the quality of the service being provided, and the process of delivering the services. Service businesses face the challenge of differentiating their services making this hard to gain a competitive advantage. The alternative way is to differentiate themselves through their marketing strategies. Some approaches which can be utilizes in service businesses include sales promotion and media advertising. Sales promotion can be by including innovative features. Apart from what the customer expect, a secondary service feature can be added. For example, an accounting firm can offer free consultation to

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