Monday, February 17, 2020

Stock Simulation Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Stock Simulation Report - Essay Example Marginal requirement directs a person regarding which items to trade with. This is the amount of capital needed to do the business. It is determined by the amount that the person intending to engage in business has at his disposal. Some business requires huge capital to start, and when capital is inadequate, it would force you to try another one or stay out of it completely (Giles & Mark 34). Returns from the business also explain why businessmen would enter to it. Each day, there are wants that need a man attention. This is achieved through buying what is needed, and the means of exchange must be available. Through trading, individuals aspire to gain more returns than investments so as to keep their business up and running, maintaining their business in the process. Venturing to new market also explains why people would enter business. With stiff competition in many fields, there is need to try grounds which is not common to many. Stock exchange trade is among them and few who understand how it is done mainly benefits from its return (Giles & Mark 40). Improving the persons and states economy also justifies why enter this field. The performance of a country economy is based on its currency, thereby by entering to the market; people will significantly improve their living standards (Giles & Mark 23). There are a number of factors that affects prices paid for commodities in the market. Security stock exchange market has a control panel which determines at any given time what should be paid for certain products. People have no control over this as they only have to wait for price to favor them before buying or selling their assets in stock exchange ( Siddiqui 40). Loans due from debtors affect what will be paid for available assets in stock exchange markets. When individuals take loan and take long time to pay back, they reduces funds available in stock exchange, this prompt the need to take measure like increasing the prices of currency to help fill the

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