Friday, August 23, 2019

Choose a productbusiness (my productbusiness is Turkish Airlines) Essay

Choose a productbusiness (my productbusiness is Turkish Airlines) - Essay Example This paper also provides the example of services that the company offers. In meeting its objective, this paper will identify a relevant marketing theory, and justify the marketing strategies of Turkish airline using the marketing theory under consideration. One of the strategies in which Turkish Airline markets its products is through the use of the internet. The organization uses the social media such as facebook, and twitter to market its services and products. The evolution of the social media has made it possible for large multi-national companies to have an access to millions of people through their social media accounts Rosenbloom, 2013, p.27). The Turkish airline has taken advantage of this new technology by placing adverts concerning their services and products (Brennan, 2008, p.34). The organization does not only use the social media to advertise its services and products. The organization also uses Google, the search engine giant, and email marketing to advertise its services and products. Google runs an advertisement scheme referred to as Adsense, which is a pay per click advertisement strategy, whereby the company will only pay for the advertisement when a user has clicked on a link that takes him to the web pages operated by the company (Rosenbloom, 2013). Turkish airline takes advantage of this technology and occasionally pays advertisement fees to Google so that the company might create these links, and direct potential customers to its website for further information. The use of email is also another online strategy adopted by Turkish Airline (Brennan, 2008, p.22). The company, on most occasion emails its prospective customers on the available offers and services that the organization offers. The organization also runs a website, referred to as This website provides virtually all the information concerning the organization, the services it offers, its strategies for growth,

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