Thursday, August 8, 2019

How to manage change and achieve sustainable growth in Hong Kong Dissertation

How to manage change and achieve sustainable growth in Hong Kong Travel Industry A case study on China Travel Service - Dissertation Example The interview results were analysed to develop an understanding of the change management process of CTS, the barriers that it faced and overcame and the outcomes of the change. The analysis of the change process revealed that CTS has succesfully used the change management techniques to instil both a process and culture change. The case study of CTS provides inspiration and insight to other travel organizations in Hong Kong to emulate. Table of Contents Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1. Background and Introduction 1.2. Research Questions 1.3. Research Aims and Objectives 1.4. Research Methods 1.5. Dissertation Outline Chapter 2: Overview of CTS Chapter 3: Literature Review 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Travel and Tourism Industry 3.2.1 Chinese Travel Industry Overview 3.2.2 Hong Kong Tourism Tourism Performance Customer Profile and Segmentation Hong Kong as a Repeat Destination 3.2.3 Factors Affecting Tourism Industry in Hong Kong Government Attitude and Policies 3.2 .3.3 International Events Increased Exposure to the Outside World Increase in Standards of Livng and Purchasing Power Technology Rapid Investment in Infrastructure 3.2.4 Challenges Faced by Travel Industry Perception of Risk Hazards Liberalization and Entry of Foreign Players Competition from Neighboring Destinations Government Controls Cultural Issues SARS and Intermittent Outbreak of other Infectious Diseases 3.3 Strategic Management in Travel Industry 3.3.1 Tourism Organizational Structure and Vision for Hong Kong 3.3.2 Tourism Strategy in Hong Kong Tourism Promotion Tourism Development in Hong Kong Monitoring and Regulation of Tourism in Hong Kong 3.3.3 Lack of Strategic Implementation 3.4Change Management Theories and Concepts 3.4.1 Definitions and Concepts of Change Management 3.4.2Theories of Change Lewin’s Model of Change – The Force Field Analysis 3. 4.2.2 The ADKAR Model Six Changes Model Eight-Step Process for Implementing Successful Transformations Model 3.5 Summary of Literature Chapter 4: Research Methodology 4.1 Introduction 4.2 Research Objectives 4.3 Research Approach 4.4 Research Methods 4.5 Research Design 4.5.1 Secondary Research 4.5.2 Primary Research Sample Sample Selection Method Data Collection Method Data Collection Instrument Data Analysis Method 4.6 Ethical Considerations 4.7 Summary Chapter 5: Findings 5.1 Introduction 5.2 Challenges Faced by CTS in the Current Business Environment 5.3 Opportunities for CTS in the Current and Future 5.3 Strategic Changes made by CTS 5.5 Internal Changes at CTS 5.6 Change Management Process at CTS 5.7 Challenges to Change Management Process and Overcoming Barriers to Change 5.8 Outcomes of Change Management 5.9Analysis of the Change Management Process 5.10 Summary Chapter 7: Conclusions 7.1 Summary of Findings 7.2 Limitati ons of Research and Scope for future Research List of tables Table 1: Total Number of Visitors to Hong Kong in the first six months of 2010 Table 2: Positive Outcomes of Change Management â€Å"How to manage change and achieve sustainable growth in Hong Kong Travel Industry?† A case study on China Travel Service Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1. Background and Introduction The business environment within

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