Sunday, August 11, 2019

Works of art as inspiration grade 8 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Works of art as inspiration grade 8 - Essay Example nts in describing the picture, identifying details that could tell about the circumstances during that time, recognize things, places, people or facial expressions that would inform about the setting. It also aims to develop the children’s critical thinking, expressing their criticisms in words in an organized fashion, naming things they observe in the picture and relating what is happening in the picture to their experiences and observations. In addition, the students should be able to infer from the picture what it is all about and discuss with their classmates whatever information they grasped from the picture. The lesson will start with an introduction of the painter and his painting: Paul Kane is one of Canada’s most popular painters who was born in Ireland in 1810 but emigrated to York, now known as Toronto, by the age of nine. He travelled a lot to many places to learn from the masters in the field of painting which enhanced his skill and allowed him to meet people who eventually inspired him in his work. Scene in the Northwest is just one of Kane’s many paintings which became very famous because it is now recorded to be the most expensive painting from a Canadian artist doubling the price of the second most expensive Canadian painting (National Gallery of Canada Archives). Presenting the picture, the lesson will be executed in a similar fashion to this: Student C: The ice is thick and it is impossible for cars to travel because they might sink in or get stuck on the road. Also, there are not many people in the area so there are probably not much stores or gasoline stations where they can buy their needs or ask help from in case their car can not move. Student C: The area behind the people is very wide but there are no other people or houses besides those we can see. I think they are in a place like the northernmost or southernmost parts of the globe where only scientists go to, to study the weather there or find new discoveries that can make them

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