Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Shaping An Individual As A Person And as A Learner Essay

Shaping An Individual As A Person And as A Learner - Essay Example You teach, you should be more goal focused, and you cannot be a good teacher with a bad plan, and it does not mean that having a good plan makes you a good teacher definitely† (Wiggins, 2013). In every sense, curriculum design and implementation shapes an individual as a person and learns. It is evident that curriculum designs can have the profound influence on the lives of students and learners. It may also affect the approach that students have towards life and how they approach life in general. Basically, proper curriculum designs and their effective implementation will positively impact the lives of student and learners. This being the case, the vice versa is true. When I was a kid, I had an experience unlike any of my classmates then. When I was in lower primary school, Most of the mates with whom I was schooling liked reading a lot. It was hard for me to be found studying on my own; much of the things I was interested in related to science, especially physical science. I loved science so much that my dream was always to be a scientist. I liked the practical bits of almost all lessons, including the Physical Education lessons. I never was interested in history and such lessons which demanded that I spend much time reading. This was due to the fact that my teacher used science as an approach to almost all subjects, thus I increasingly disliked non science based subjects. This was advantageous to me since I loved the scientific approach, but was a headache to most of my mates who did not have science related careers as their aspirations. This was in a way not addressing the general students whose likeliness of doing the sciences was low. â€Å"Jesuit’s curriculum  is structured to develop disciplined habits, to stimulate critical thinking, and to develop the skills necessary for the expression of that thinking. The school strives to instill five characteristics in its students. The goal is to educate our young men to be open to growth, intellectually competent.

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