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POEMS ABOUT DOCTORS AND PATIENTS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

POEMS ABOUT DOCTORS AND PATIENTS - Essay Example Instead, the last stanza does conclude what is in the fourth stanza hence clarifying all the points to the reader. 5. When referring to the ‘you’, the speaker of the poem refers to the patient to whom she was visiting. This is because she said that the hospital lawn is being taken care just as a patient the patient is. 6. The first stanza does compare the lawn and the hospital rooms. When the speaker compares these two parts, she does show how the hospital is clean and well maintained hence the same does apply to the patients present in the hospital. 7. In the third stanza, the speaker draws back to the red and hideous battlefields where many young men were brought to that hospital when suffering from different injuries. This image shows that the hospital has treated many people suffering from different injuries and illnesses. This makes the staff and the doctors in the hospital to be experienced in what they do. 8. In the final stanza, the speaker of the poem describes a scene where a patient has passed away. This is because the speaker says that she turned and stepped inside an empty room while the previous day there was someone there. The machines are silent, and the bed is all made new. This shows that the patient who was there has passed away. 9. The poem is about the hospital and the patients who attend the hospital. The poem does describe how the hospital is maintained. The poem does also describe the different patients in the hospital. The poem does give a description of how the hospital treats its patients. Therefore, the theme of this poem is how patients are treated in the hospitals in comparison to how the environment of the hospital is. 11. The words after line seven portray that the speaker has a different understanding of religion. The speaker has an understanding that the religion is all about kneeling down in forest groves and asking for help. This

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