Sunday, October 20, 2019

Assessment of a students personal learning style

Assessment of a students personal learning style Any educational course is always commenced with some expectations and hopes to achieve some specific goals. These expectations and hopes are always contingent to some estimation as well as some strategic plans to achieve the set goals. In this essay I will endeavour to write a personal reflection on what I have learned upon completing the course .This will include some assessment of my personal learning style and strengths and weaknesses, an estimated work plan for my completion of the degree, and the strategy I will intend to adopt for future essay writing. This will be a useful document to help me through the course as well as an important part of my assessment. These expectations with reference to their strategic planning for the accomplishment of the course are as follows: My expectations before the commencement of the B.Th. course at SLCC. A new learning experience in London (SLCC). Exploration of learning potentials and weakness. Evaluation of my strengths and weakness to impr ove the mistakes and shortcomings. The Assessment to judge my achievement and future planning to complete my degree at a specific determined time. MY EXPECTATIONS AND THE NEW LEARNING EXPERIENCE: It was expected by me that I would be supposed to go through the written examinations as is instructed in my home country, Pakistan. I was unaware of the enhanced research study at UK because I never researched before even at my Master degree level studies rather went through a specific syllabus and examination system. I also thought to be prepared for the examination by cramming the things in contrast to be creative minded person as I am now. Learning through visual aids like movies that are being shown by Mercia time to time and use of PowerPoint in the seminars are very innovative and a new things to learn for me. These things left a permanent impression on my memory as is also said that show and tell is a good way of teaching and one learns a lot through hearing and seeing. Seminars tha t are held on some occasions are also a good source of education as they just bring a slight change in one’s regular monotonous routine of learning work. Apart from this change, they also provide a chance to learn a very comprehensive and lengthy topic within a short period of time. These seminars are also a unique experience for me as they informed me about the things happening on an international level for instance persecution of the Christian throughout the world came to my knowledge at SLCC in contrast to my previous knowledge of persecution that was only limited to the Bible. Discussion on some topic is a best way of learning as compared to learning alone because in a group discussion different opinions and ideas are shared that bring out the best possible answer of the faced issue. In addition, question answer method of study at SLCC also brought confidence in me to further explore and polish my hidden talents. I never had any idea to cope with an atmosphere where essay s are written by using libraries and internet because I was not good at internet and never used any library before coming to SLCC. Therefore, usage and utilization of library and the Internet created in me a sense of curiosity for more and more as well as correct knowledge.

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