Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Evaluation of Immigration Customs and Enforcement Budget Essay

Evaluation of Immigration Customs and Enforcement Budget - Essay Example ICE has estimated 15,000 employees of which 400 are in the domestic and 50 are in international offices The budget allocation goes to various departments depending on the activities carried out; homeland security investigations, enforcement and various operations in the office of state. ICE is involved in the local and tribal coordination, principal legal advisory, professional responsibility, immigration and customs enforcement, professional responsibility. ICE is the primary investigative arm of the department of homeland security. ICE is a key component of the DHS layered defense approach to protecting our nation. There are various subcommittees that deal with the jurisdiction over each agency’s money and finance investigations, war and national defense statutes. There are more than 8,500 special Agents, making it the second largest federal law enforcement and criminal investigative agency .The urgency is headed by the office of the chief financial officer, Washington. ICE has the annual budget of more than $5.7 billion, the Management and administration activities for ICE. Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget (2011) states that the Management and administration activities include executive overall leadership direction, strategic and policy development.The budget is authorized by different people that deal with the allocations of the resources. The proposed outlay for the agency include; Science and technology operational research and enhancement program $17.9M, supply chain secure corridors pilot project $9.8 air cargo project $ 16.1M and automated carry-on detection project $ 1.1M. The actual outlay overview involves E-verify and staffing, automatic threat recognition project $6.1m, viable bio particle capture project $2.1M, National Bio and Agro- Defense facility construction $150.0. According to Lake (2010), there are various political influences on the budget allocation in the ICE. Operation community

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