Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Business assingment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Business assingment - Essay Example Ethics is â€Å"the branch of moral philosophy that deals with moral judgments, standards, and rules of conduct† (Gundlach and Murphy, 1993, p.36). With this in mind, the basic business concept is ethically flawed at Monsters, Inc in terms of how the needs of humans are not considered when the business is seeking to scare them in the pursuit of gathering needed electricity. This is a form of emotional ethics and would be represented today, in real-time business, as an issue with corporate social responsibility. Several business experts identify that corporate social responsibility (CSR) involves â€Å"having a solid concern for the welfare of society† (Nickels, McHugh and McHugh, 2005, p.110). Concern for society is not only charity work, but involves the ethics of corporate policy as well. At Monsters, Inc., there is no such CSR as the monsters have a rather unified social belief that humans are dangerous to touch and contact with them should be avoided. This represent s an organizational culture which is not geared toward considering the needs of the stakeholder (the child). If the children are being emotionally-damaged due to business practices, this is an unethical business climate. In this ethical situation, virtually all of the monsters are guilty and few believe that scaring children for power generation is unethical. This unethical behavior impacted the organization positively, however, as this lack of corporate social responsibility has served as the only means to keep the business operating and profitable. At Monsters, Inc., new relationships with children made the monster workers believe that their scaring tactics were not good, ethical business practices and they eventually changed corporate policy to make children laugh instead of scream. This is the new focus on corporate social responsibility at Monsters, Inc. Of course, this lesson was learned only after meeting

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