Monday, October 7, 2019

Research paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 5

Research Paper Example The reason behind this great success is the diversified and extensive platform social media provide to their users. Success does not only refer to good sales or handsome income, but another important factors that incur little or no expense over marketing or other legal formalities. It needs to be noted here that social media are not just limited to social networking sites but are very extensive involving the use of various modern techniques. The most popular and the most intriguing social media forum is Facebook which is a marketing platform and start up point of various small scale businesses. Thus in a nutshell, social media have added greatly to the progress and propagation of small scale businesses. Firstly, social media help a small scale businessman to develop a complete marketing strategy. This is one of the most important steps to propagate the business. The convenient platform of social media provided allows individuals to develop a healthy and cheap marketing strategy. This helps businessmen to outline their ideal customer or, basically, their target market and audience. It determines how and what makes them distinct from others in the same field offering the same services, as well as why one should choose them. This gives the customer a story to relate or a glimpse of the services and facilities that await them. Thus, "Social Media for Marketing is perhaps one of the areas of business where social media may prove to be very useful. It can help your reach more markets, and serve as a guide so that you can target your marketing strategies accordingly." (Juon, Dunrie and Buerkle, 56) Secondly, social media aid in developing public relations, as they are quite important to develop a small scale business and make it prosper. Building up on public relations and customer support by using social media is very common these days. This does not only involves queries, orders or details etc. but also helps individuals to evaluate the response and popularity of th e object. The conversations or blogging done on these platforms allow people to understand the product better; if there are any critiques or negative feedback, that can also restrict the customer from doing business. These trends have also evolved the concept of customer services in recent times. Hence, if a social media is used to make good public relations with healthy sales and positive feedback, then that can propagate the business more. "A strong public relations foundation, using feedback from publics, and enhancing the sense of community can make a good digital media plan a great one." (Stoldt, Dittmore and Branvold, 88) It has been observed that through social media, one can engage the customers. "Such a raft of activity surrounding social media it is no wonder that business is beginning to recognize the need to engage social media and overcome any associated fears in adopting this technology to communicate with potential clients." (Davies, 175) Through various promotional s trategies that are being used these days like competitions and sharing of the page etc. has caused great success to businesses. Today, page owners or, in other words, entrepreneurs offer certain incentives which encourage users or customers to promote the business. These incentives might

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